Image Credit:
Courtesy of the artist


Also known as:
Baptiste Crespy

Ciphrd is a France-based artist, developer, and programmer interested in the exploration of autonomous systems from which life-like behaviors emerge who is also renowned for creating the generative art platform fx(hash). Ciphrd, a well-skilled WEBGL/front-end developer, was maintaining a side hobby in creative coding before eventually going on to develop fx(hash) in hopes of creating the platform he himself had always dreamed of. fx(hash) has become the inclusive home for hash-based generative art platform on Tezos, helping artists showcase and sell their artwork to passionate collectors. Ciphrd continues his artistic journey while developing the platform by releasing iconic projects that include RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton with historical references to Stephen Wolfram’s Automata and more of his signature work in Ethereal Microcosm where he explores the micro-intricacies of biological growth.