Ciphrd - Ethereal Microcosm #274

Ethereal Microcosm #274

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Ethereal Microcosm stands as an emblematic collection, reflecting Ciphrd's profound fascination with the simulation of biological systems. Drawing inspiration from Jeff Jones' paper "Characteristics of pattern formation and evolution in approximations of physarum transport networks," Ciphrd delves into the intricacies of digital species, exploring their mutation and evolution. The work is reminiscent of other artificial life work from artists such as Sage Jenson and Karl Sims. The work acts as an extension of Ciphrd’s previous works Atomic Clusters, Cyclic DLA and Seed Simul, all delving into the potential of artificial life.


An exploration of algorithmic organisms in a contained environment.

This piece is about the simulation of microscopic patterns using a high number of even tinier agents all following the same rules. Different species evolve and interact together, resulting in stabilizing patterns out of their parametric configurations. A form of artificial life.

This work is based on the paper "Characteristics of pattern formation and evolution in approximations of physarum transport networks", written by Jeff Jones and popularized in the artistic field by Sage Jenson. Some features were added to increase the visual and behavioral complexity of the system. Agents are divided into different species, with their own set of rules and interacting with their own substrate. Substrates also interact with each other and agents will mutate in contact of some of them.

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February 2, 2022

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