Ana María Caballero, Melissa Wiederrecht - Miss Metaverse #93.55

Miss Metaverse #93.55

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She's the QUEEN of social media 👸: Is figuring out TikTok 🍌,94.28,She's CRYPTO-NATIVE 🆒: Plans to do a Pepe card 🐸,91.42,She has a SUBSTANTIAL following 💁♀️🥩: Same five people give same high fives 🧤,92.50,She's responsive and VERY excited ❣️❕: Answers via WhatsApp 📧👏,94.00,She's CUTTING EDGE innovative 🍽️: Knows how to use Stable Diffusion 💄,94.28,She believes this is ONLY the beginning 🍫: Just opened a Bitcoin wallet 💃,95.00She is 93.4152983 lucky! 🎲

She is.......... Miss Metaverse #93.55


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February 22, 2024

Date of Acquisition

February 25, 2024