Andreas Gysin - 64 Pixels #9

64 Pixels #9

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Digital Edition of 16
Realtime, JavaScript and WebGL, variable dimensions, web-app ready
From the series Matrices

Collectors have the option of acquiring a physical 32 x 32 x 3 cm LED display with custom electronics and software for an additional 1.5ETH.

64 Pixel
, like Recursive Tile, is part of the Matrices series based on the physical limitation of 64x64pxl LED matrices. The work explores a series of abstract compositions possible with only 64 lit pixels in a 4096pxl square matrix.

This artwork can be viewed in the browser and the program is resolution independent and will adapt to any size and aspect ratio of the browser window; it can also be installed on mobile devices in the form of a “web-app” for fullscreen playback.

Keyboard controls:
f : fullscreen window
c : hide cursor
p : export a frame (PNG)
1 : scale to 1:1 physical pixel

Note: some additional parameters can be set through the URL query string (see html for details).


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Date of Mint

June 29, 2023

Date of Acquisition

June 29, 2023