Andreas Gysin - Wayfinder #42

Wayfinder #42

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Digital edition of 128 unique works
Custom software, interactive

is a 2.5d experiment: an infinite extruder that generates an ongoing stack of 2d shapes.

The beginning of this project dates back to the involvement of the artists in a visual exploration undertaken for a previously commissioned project. Their task was to envision futuristic languages and signage systems for a science fiction film. This research laid the foundation for this new long-term project, where the artists retained the concept of layering and reimagined it by developing a new and efficient code.

Realtime, JavaScript and WebGL, variable dimensions, web-app ready

Keyboard controls:
v : align view
f : fullscreen window
c : hide cursor
p : export a frame (PNG)

Note: some additional parameters can be set through the URL query string (see html for details).


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July 7, 2023

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July 7, 2023