Ana María Caballero, Melissa Wiederrecht - Miss Metaverse #97.85

Miss Metaverse #97.85

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She makes REAL art ⚒️: Gives her digital works TEXTURE ☔,100.00,She's an OG 💾: Remembers when SR LAUNCHED 📼🪁,98.75,She believes this is ONLY the beginning 🍫: Learning how to #code 🚀,98.33,She posts FAST, adapting her aspect ratios 😎: Spreads her WINGS and posts on LinkedIn 🦅,98.00,She's been WRITTEN about 📰✍️: Crypto pubs write about art to COVER her art 🍭,97.14,She DELIVERS ahead of deadlines 🏎️: Her time is YOURS 💒🎣,100.00She is 92.7527026 lucky! 🎲

She is.......... Miss Metaverse #97.85


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February 22, 2024

Date of Acquisition

February 25, 2024