Aaron Penne - Return #237

Return #237

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Return is a meditative generative series created by Aaron Penne that explores endless cyclical changes of evolving forms. After being heavily inspired by Wojciech Fangor’s M74 painting in 2018, Penne would continue diving into recreating the feel of the piece through code. Each color within the system slowly emanates towards the edge of the shape before gradually making its way back to the center, producing a tranquil and serene visual effect. Viewers can manually adjust the speed of the system by pressing the 1-7 number keys or pause the animation by pressing 0.


"Return" is a meditation on returning inward, cyclical change, and the beauty of iteration. The composition of each piece slowly loops, providing a new experience for the viewer over time. Created by Aaron Penne


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June 1, 2021

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March 29, 2023