Robbie Barrat, AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #169, 2018

Our Mission

Le Random aims to demonstrate how computers can enhance human creativity, making our lives more interesting and beautiful.

We contextualize on-chain generative art within art history, highlighting the medium's importance and impact through our collection and editorial.

We include the most significant works from pioneers across generations. Through an ambitious activation strategy and artist-first ethos, we strive to elevate the generative art space. We seek to uplift both the artists we collect and the category as a whole.  

Our editorial content provides context and insight into on-chain generative art's role in art history, enabling our community to understand its past, curate its present and celebrate its future.

With an experienced core team supported by respected industry leaders, Le Random strives to become a leading on-chain generative art institution that celebrates and promotes the category and its creators.