Robbie Barrat - AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #169

AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 Frame #169

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In 2018, Robbie Barrat was invited to Christie’s inaugural Art + Tech Summit where 300 goodie bags would be distributed including a card that could be redeemed for a SuperRare piece.

These claimable artworks would end up being individual frames from Barrat’s AI Generated Nude... The mints were one of the earliest examples of AI art on the blockchain.

With the concept of crypto art still new to many Art + Tech Summit attendees, the vast majority of the cards were discarded or misplaced, creating an even more elusive theme around the series.


Artwork generated by a GAN trained on thousands of nude portrait oil paintings.


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Date of Mint

July 16, 2018

Date of Acquisition

December 7, 2022