Aaron Penne - Apparitions #408

Apparitions #408

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Apparitions is an Art Blocks Curated project by Aaron Penne released March 2021. The series takes inspiration from the geological charts of Levi Watler Yaggy from 1893. Penne wanted to replicate the colorful layering of Yaggy’s work while conveying the sense of California cliff sides. The palettes of the series are directly inspired by vintage data visualizations and wedding pictures of Penne’s close friends. With 1,500 editions, the project displays one of the best long-form examples of an artist stretching visual diversity while maintaining a cohesive project theme.


“Apparitions” is an exploration of the space between algorithmic and organic. Each “Apparition” is unique to the transaction that originated it. Created by Aaron Penne


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March 17, 2021

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March 29, 2023