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svg.svg is a captivating generative series by the talented artist and designer Andreas Gysin. This striking collection showcases a series of visually stunning compositions, each crafted through the intricate manipulation of the underlying source code. Gysin's masterful process allows him to expertly construe and transform the script, resulting in mesmerizing dynamic ASCII visuals. Gysin's unique use of ASCII visuals in svg.svg pushes the limits of generative art by fusing and blurring the lines between code and visual representation. Gysin's art challenges us to see the beauty in the patterns and arrangements of seemingly mundane lines of code.
svg8.svg follows the intriguing theme of "Code is numbers," taking viewers on a gradual journey of code reconfiguration. With meticulous precision, Gysin ingeniously molds the code to form an exquisite array of ASCII constructed characters and numbers, offering an immersive and hypnotizing experience for viewers.


Code is numbers.


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March 12, 2023

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July 1, 2023