Mario Klingemann
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Priscilla Grubo

Mario Klingemann

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Mario Klingemann is a pioneering German artist leading the emergence of the AI art movement since 2015. Unlike most "off-the-shelf" commercial AI software, Klingemann uniquely develops his own data sets and neural network feedback systems, providing a more personalized attachment to the process. Klingemann’s work has been exhibited in renowned institutions such as Ars Electronica, CADAF, Sotheby’s, MoMA, ZKM Karlsruhe, The MET and Centre Pompidou. Long before working with AI systems, Klingemann dabbled in coded-generative art, creating pieces such as Cityscapes and Burning Liquid Sky. In 2018, Klingemann won the Lumen Prize Gold Award for his work, The Butcher’s Son.