Licia He
Image Credit:
Courtesy of the artist

Licia He

Also known as:
Shiqing He

Licia He, a generative artist and human-computer interaction researcher, is dedicated to the pursuit of artistic expression and innovation. With a Ph.D. in Information Science and a background in Computer Science and Studio Art, He currently resides in London as a full-time artist, focusing on pushing the boundaries of artistic practices through technological advancements. Her artistic journey began after completing a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Computer Science from Union College, where she conducted independent research on natural color production. He's experiences studying multiple disciplines and navigating different locations ignited her passion for art. In 2018, she ventured into the world of generative art, delving into the intersection of art and technology. Fascinated by the possibilities of human-machine collaboration, He's exploration led her to combine generative art with robots, bridging her digital and physical painting practices through plotters.

She previously served as an assistant professor at the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University, leading the Generative Craft Lab, specializing in supporting artistic practices through technological innovations. Her research and artworks focus on capturing and presenting information, while her love for programming and visual art drives her to play with the captivating interplay between machine-generated chaos and harmony. In her artistic pursuits, He continuously pushes the boundaries of art and technology, exploring new frontiers of expression and creating thought-provoking works that intertwine innovation and creativity.