Licia He - Drifting Dreams #206

Drifting Dreams #206

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Drifting Dreams is an exploration of chaotic repetition within long-form generative art. Soft curves repetitively emerge, gradually filling the space and constructing the composition. As they expand, distort, and mutate, they break free from the controlled composition. Amidst these attempts, a clock-like rigid structure persistently governs the arrangement.
Each piece features two major compositional elements: curves and lines. The five types of curves, denoted by the Mode feature, exhibit distinct characteristics showcased throughout the series. The thickness of the curves varies based on their proximity to the center—thicker at the edge and thinner towards the center, unless the Reverse Mode is enabled.
Inspired by the texture of colored pencils, the rendering of Drifting Dreams encompasses the essence of the medium through textured dots and lines. Rather than striving for a realistic simulation of pencil texture, the intention is to evoke its spirit.
Drifting Dreams incorporates a fully generative color scheme, departing from curated palettes. Rather than choosing a single green color, for instance, a section within the color spectrum is identified, and a rule is established to generate various shades of green. This approach, combined with the color-expanding algorithm, allows for greater exploration and diversifies the output within the same color palette.


Drifting Dreams is a generative art system that captures bittersweet moments along journeys to dreams.

You can feel the river rushing, the wind screaming, and thunder lighting up the sky: the storm is about to take over. But if you look closer, it is also a wonderland filled with dazzling rainbows, comforting warmth, and hope.

It is a journey worth remembering.


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March 23, 2023

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June 30, 2023