Licia He - Sparkling Goodbye #59

Sparkling Goodbye #59

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Sparkling Goodbye is a generative series released by Licia He as part of the Bright Moments Tokyo exhibition. The series celebrates departures while exploring the associated emotions such as of happiness, sadness, serenity, and anxiety. Licia began development of the series during a turbulent time of her life as she left her home country, moved to a city she’s never visited, and quit her job to become a full-time artist. Sparkling Goodbye is a beautiful blend of Licia’s emotions during this time captured in a generative system. The compositional structure of each piece is composed of expanding and rotating geometries. Texturally, the series is reminiscent of Licia’s iconic acrylic and oil paint characteristics as seen in much of her previous work such as Running Moon and Drifting Dreams. Licia incorporates her self-developed Color Rules Generator to create the palettes within the series, allowing for an endless amount of possible color combinations.


Sparkling Goodbye is a generative painting algorithm that celebrates all departures. It's a Farewell to the past, a Bye-Bye to the familiar, and a See-You-Later to faces that you will soon forget.

Each Sparkling Goodbye is meticulously loaded with machine-picked emotions, made from the finest ingredient (100% pixels, full refund if you find any impurities in our ingredient). This hands-off approach makes every single Sparkling Goodbye a chaotic blend of happiness, sadness, serenity, and anxiety. With every glance, you'll discover the impulsiveness of the machine touch as you savor the delightful interplay of dramas that only a maniac generative algorithm can create.

Let Sparkling Goodbye create a moment for you. It will insist that goodbyes are not meant to be said with tears but with sparkling water.


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May 8, 2023

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July 6, 2023