Ciphrd, Alexander Mordvintsev - Genomes #1795

Genomes #1795

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Genomes exist at the overlap of an untold potential diversity and the actions of the explorers who are given the ability to observe.

We invite you to breed exclusive specimen, born from the mix of genomes engineered in another reality.

This project's release mechanism is an important component of its whole. At its genesis, this universe holds a superposition of a rich and never-seen ecosystem. Yet only a small subset of its essence will see the light of day: as modern explorers observe more and more species—its potential finally collapses a month later.

Each discovered specie will have its genome forever inscribed on the blockchain where it may be studied by researchers in the future.

Beware: be prepared for what you may find.


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December 30, 2023

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January 22, 2024