Ciphrd - RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #258

RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #258

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RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton is the genesis project from fx(hash)’s founder and creator, Ciphrd. The project draws aesthetic ideas from Stephen Wolfram’s iconic elementary cellular automata which was initially inspired by Stanislaw Ulam’s and John von Neumann’s experiments from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Based on the determined rule-set, the algorithm replicates and iterates on each individual square to create unpredictable emergent compositions.


Stephen Wolfram's Elementary Cellular Automaton where 3 different rules are drawn in the Red, Green and Blue color components of the image.Rules are selected randomly among a pre-selection of 53 rules from which nice behaviors emerge.Tokens can have a cell size in the [1; 20] range.


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November 10, 2021

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October 27, 2023