Karsten Schmidt
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Karsten Schmidt

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Karsten Schmidt, also known as Toxi, is a London-based award-winning computational designer merging code, design, art and craft. Originally from East Germany, Schmidt's artistis career began in the 8-bit demo scene. For nearly thirty years he has been adopting a non-dogmatic, multi-disciplinary way of working. When not creating, he teaches workshops about the generative design approach, open source and employing code as a creative tool. Karsten has authored various books about programming and graphic design and was an early contributor to the Proccessing project. His work has been featured in the press and exhibited internationally at institutions such as MoMA, Victoria and Albert Museum, Barbican, Whitney New York and CAFA Art Museum. His projects often consist of different languages and environments, including web- and cloud-based projects as well "baremetal" on embedded devices. He strives to build, retain and combine a deep understanding of different technologies and approaches to inform each project.