Karsten Schmidt - De/FragV2 #39

De/FragV2 #39

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The second piece in this series is dedicated to another fundamental algorithm in computer graphics: Voronoi. It's origin precedes its use with computers by several decades, or centuries, depending on who to credit, since science always is a continuum. In the generative art & design field, the algorithm has been an instrumental tool for generation(s) of practioners, sadly often to the point of turning cliché.

In this piece I've attempted to "break" the classic resulting aesthetics of this algorithm and focus more on revealing its inner workings. There are many ways of computing a Voronoi diagram. The so called Jump Flood Algorithm (JFA) proved to be the visually most interesting approach to me. Again, as with the previous De/Frag piece, here the algorithm has been slowed down, timesliced and customized in dozens of ways to result in a more painterly character overall and produce a variety of new shapes & textures.

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December 15, 2021

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February 26, 2024