Iskra Velitchkova
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Luis Gaspar

Iskra Velitchkova

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Iskra Velitchkova is a Bulgarian self-taught computer artist whose work explores the boundaries and interactions between machines and humans. She combines her Balkan heritage with the influence of Mediterranean culture to inform and inspire her work. She has been exhibited by institutions such as Art Basel, Galerie Greulich, MADS Gallery, Proof of People and Sotheby’s. One of her most enduring themes is her work referencing birds. This theme has captivated strong community-wide interest including the formation of the appreciation club, “Bird and Worm Society,” a passionate group of collectors and appreciators of Velitchkova’s iconic birds and Japanese artist qubibi’s worms.

Iskra understands technology as new sources of information and she roots her work on exploring it through generative systems. She is fascinated by the way a whole new imaginary of worlds emerges from the code and how those new realms can tell us stories about ourselves.