Iskra Velitchkova - Generative Zlatna i

Generative Zlatna i

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Generative Zlatna i is a shining variation of Iskra Velitchkova’s iconic procedural “Birds”. The piece was originally exhibited at CADAF 2021, a digital art fair that took place in Paris. This recognizable aesthetic theme has garnered community-wide appreciation from Tezos collectors who’ve established a niche appreciation group titled the “Bird & Worm Society”, where fans of both Velitchkova and Qubibi’s work come together. Alongside q28Y2nv323Fi by Qubibi, Le Random has curated a diptych that we like to call the “Golden Bird & Worm”.


An original generative artwork by Iskra Velitchkova. Exhibited at CADAF 2021. 5000X5000px, PNG.


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July 4, 2021

Date of Acquisition

August 15, 2022