Iskra Velitchkova - ANATOMY of a rabbit but bird #27

ANATOMY of a rabbit but bird #27

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Iskra Velitchkova went on a journey to create “ANATOMY of a rabbit but bird.” Iskra is well known for her “bird” images, but that wasn’t the starting point for this new work. She started with an open exploration by thinking about “emptiness” and “how to do more with less,” which was in line with her monochrome minimalist work created during the last year. Through the process of sketching, a silhouette emerged that reminded her of a rabbit. She was delighted to discover this new animal form and she started making test drawings from the lines she was creating on screen. But, as she worked, the rabbit slowly transformed into a bird. An ear became a beak; fur became features. Her iconic birds had emerged again. To sum it up, she wrote, “And that’s how, through a generative mythology, you could say, my first birds created on a plotter came to life. Thanks to a rabbit. Everything falls into place sooner or later, I suppose.”

“ANATOMY of a rabbit but bird” is a generative art NFT, but the first collector of each in the series will receive the corresponding plotter drawing created in the artist’s studio. Each software NFT includes millions of other images beyond the primary image for each in the series. The software NFT and the plotter drawing aren’t linked together; the NFT can continue to be collected on a secondary market without the drawing.

The image you see on the main artwork page on Feral File is the plotter drawing for #1/30. Compare this image of the drawing to the corresponding software version to see how the software image and the plotted drawing are similar and how they diverge. Because the artists are using a range of papers and inks, the software and physical drawings are delightfully different.


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November 15, 2023

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November 17, 2023