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Event Listeners is a procedural system that creates line-based compositions overlayed with texts iterating on social relations. The series marked a historical moment between digital art and cryptocurrencies when the Museum for Applied Arts purchased editions with Bitcoin in 2015, marking it as the first artwork to be acquired by a museum with crypto. In 2022, Phillip’s would auction an edition during the Ex-Machina: A History of Generative Art sale, featured alongside artists such as Georg Nees, Frieder Nake, Gottfried Jäger, Vera Molnár, and other iconic generative artists.


Generative Lindenmayer systems iterating over dissociative feels of social inadequacy.

A screensaver for MacOS
By Harm van den Dorpel, 2015

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This Ethereum NFT version was programmed and deployed in 2018. A maximum of 100 tokens can be minted.

The artist retains all copyrights of the assets referenced by this NFT.


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April 5, 2023