IX Shells - Dragon Fruit Planet ( Pitahaya )

Dragon Fruit Planet ( Pitahaya )

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Dragon Fruit Planet ( Pitahaya ) is Itzel Yard’s fourth ever NFT, minted in February 2021, just days after her first mints were collected by her friends Dmitri Cherniak and Kai Gani.

Generative systems construct a colorful blend of emerging landscapes reminiscent of Panama’s lush surroundings. The video bursts with energetic color and dynamism, creating an immersive visual experience. Algorithmic, rolling waves transform into hillsides and mountains. As the foundations fall into darkness, new forms emerge in the ever-evolving foreground.


Every hour on 'Pitahaya' equals about 3.5 ethereal years on Earth.
See the neon-candy color emerging from the depths? This is how it feels to live in the same time and space of this randomized palette. I let them get soaked with this present that is ours, while we imagine the future.

made w/ touch designer
unlock - 1 minute clip at max depth
1024 × 1280


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Date of Mint

February 26, 2021

Date of Acquisition

December 8, 2022