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veGAN Bunnies

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veGAN Bunnies is an astonishing piece from Sarin’s Etchings of Latentscaux Foundation collection. Inspired by the historic wall etchings of Lascaux, Sarin applies her own marks to the latent walls of manifolds at the dawn of AI art. The original cave paintings, dating back to 17,000 years ago, depict some of the earliest examples of art through representations of animals. veGAN Bunnies further relates to the Lascaux inspiration by figuratively representing an animal. Additionally, the piece pays homage to Sarin’s iconic vegan-themed artistic practice through its leafy composition.


Somewhat similar to our ancestors who left their artistic marks on the walls of Lascaux caves at the dawn of civilization I’ve made my marks on the latent walls of manifolds at the dawn of AI art.

I invite you to visit the caves of Latentscaux and collect a latent etching from that interesting period of AI art history


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October 13, 2022

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July 8, 2023