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KRILLER is a generative audiovisual project by artist James Paterson and muscian Stephen Ramsay consisting of 6300 unique “CASSETTES”. 900 pieces were minted each day over a seven day period, to eventually construct an eternal week long looping art broadcast. James Paterson incorporates his iconic pen sketches of sigils, symbols, tiles, and textures to construct the generative aesthetics of each piece. Stephen Ramsay composed 630 unique musical stems that branch into one another to seamlessly stitch each individual audio component together.  Each piece consists of a unique name assigned from a specially developed system titled FRAGMELD, which also helped title the series name, KRILLER.


KRILLER is a custom coded, 6300 piece digital art project, composed of unique audio/visual cassettes featuring hand-crafted illustrations and music by Presstube (James Paterson) and Young Galaxy (Stephen Ramsay). Once purchased, cassettes can be enjoyed on their own or together as loops in KRILLER's cassette player. Once sold out, the entire collection will be able to be enjoyed by all as a seven day, seamlessly looping ambient radio station at kriller.com


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June 9, 2023

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June 9, 2023