Shunsuke Takawo - Snail Trails #49

Snail Trails #49

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I wrote the original code for this work as a daily coding sketch in September 2022, "220916a".

"10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10", the rich algorithm created by crossing two different diagonals, is always a favorite in my toolbox of fresh insights.

On that day, I sketched an image in code of a snail crawling along the diagonal lines, twisting and turning. This time, I wrote the code with the idea of a snail waddling around the perimeter, waiting for the rainbow. Yes, the snail is my alter ego who writes code slowly.

🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌

Press the S key to save a high-resolution version of the image data (4320 x 7680px) for printing.


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December 21, 2023

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December 21, 2023