Tyler Hobbs - QQL Mint Pass #513

QQL Mint Pass #513

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Generative art has always involved an intuitive dialogue between humans and machines. The artist cedes some part of their creative process to an autonomous system that plays a vital role in determining the final artwork. In Tyler Hobb's innovative QQL series, he takes this idea further by handing off the system to collectors so they can curate each parameter of the procedural piece. Collectors are allowed to explore a vast playground of toolsets to investigate the ins and outs of the script, assembling their perfect personal variation. Reminiscent of Sol LeWitt's pioneering Wall Drawings, the series raises the question of who the artist is: the system's creator or the system's curator?


A QQL mint pass, entitling the bearer to mint one QQL token.


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Date of Mint

September 28, 2022

Date of Acquisition

May 2, 2023