Joshua Davis - Orbit of Influence #230

Orbit of Influence #230

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Orbit of Influence is part of the fxhash live minting experience at Proof of People, ZeroSpace NYC, 2023 and is a unique generative program created using processing's p5js and SVG. Developed from scratch, it employs a system of rule-based environments that have been a source of satisfaction for me since 1995.

The program generates three invisible planets, each at a different scale - small, medium, and large. Fifty objects then randomly select a planet, a speed to orbit around it, and one of three brush sizes - small, medium, or large. These objects move around their respective planets, painting color and texture across the planetary orbit in three-dimensional space.

To reveal the blueprint of the system, press the "s" key on your keyboard. The hidden algorithm that governs the brushes' movement is then displayed, revealing a mesmerizing display of synchronized choreography as the brushes interconnect with each other.

Press the following keys to interact :

- '1': swap the background color to "ocean"
- '2': swap the background color to "mist"
- '3': swap the background color to "lilac"
- '4': swap the background color to "amethyst"
- '5': swap the background color to "crimson"
- '6': swap the background color to "emerald"

- 'l': toggle animation loop on/off
- 's': system reveal, show the blueprint of the algorithm

Joshua Davis / PrayStation 'Orbit of Influence' / (2023) real-time generative program, 1240 x 1653 px, Date Minted: April 2023

Twitter: @joshuadavis
Instagram: @praystation

Bio :

Since 1995, Joshua Davis is an artist, technologist, author and designer in algorithmic image making & animation. Using programming, he writes his own code to produce interactions with users and to generate visual compositions according to rule-based, randomized processes.

Joshua has exhibited his works and/or lectured at the Ars Electronica (Austria), Centre Georges Pompidou (France), Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati), J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles), the Tate Modern (London), the Design Museum (London), the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), PS.1 MoMA (New York), the Whitney (New York), the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (New York), the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Spain), among others.

Since 2000, Joshua has lectured globally about his work, inspirations and motivations at museums, galleries, institutions, art festivals, etc., and has spoken at the TED (2005) and 99U (2013) conferences about his career in algorithmic image making and open source.


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April 12, 2023

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June 8, 2023