Helena Sarin - numpytillism, transcribing after Matisse

numpytillism, transcribing after Matisse

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numpytillism, transcribing after Matisse is Helena Sarin’s genesis mint from May 2020, highlighting her iconic use of CycleGANs and post-processing Python scripts. The naming of the piece relates to the commonly used Python library, NumPy, used for a variety of mathematical functions. Aesthetically, the piece draws inspiration from Henri Matisse’s Odalisque masterpiece, following the compositional form of the nude figure.


This work started as an analog drawing transcribing a Matisse painting; it was chained via several cycleGAN models, and then post processed with Python scripts - a technique i started to call #numpytillism


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May 28, 2020

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December 22, 2022