Maya Man - Notes #28

Notes #28

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Notes is a generative collection that dives into the vivid online universe of perfume descriptions. Pulling from lists of fragrance “notes,” product description text, and personal perfume reviews from fragrantica, Notes remixes found language into a unique visual output– a collaged, imaginary fragrance. Given the inability to sample scents through our phones or computers, perfumes rely on detailed descriptions to best communicate what a product smells like and persuade potential customers online. Notes requests its audience to use their scent imagination. With a visual sensibility inspired by magazine perfume ads, glossy bottles, and colorful language, this collection combines bright, evocative visuals and text to deliver you a computer conjured scent of your dreams.


Considering the relationship between fragrance and France, it is delightful to release Notes and its 100 perfume editions in Paris <3


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February 21, 2024

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February 21, 2024