Jen Stark - Muted Refraction by Jen Stark #57/100

Muted Refraction by Jen Stark #57/100

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Muted Refraction is part of Remembrance of Things Future, a LACMA and Cactoid Labs initiative that engages artists working on the blockchain to reimagine the museum's encyclopedic collection. Building on the museum's ongoing experimentations with art and technology, LACMA and Cactoid Labs invited pioneering digital artists to select objects from the museum's holdings and create new digital editions inspired by a diverse selection of artworks.

This piece is a reflection on the vibrational geometry found within the quilt, Log Cabin, Barnraising Variation, in the LACMA collection. I studied fibers in college and I have always loved the meditative quality of such a process-oriented medium having grown up around the hand-sewn quilts of my great-grandmother. I wanted to create a meditative piece that harnessed the trancelike experience of encountering these hypnotic patterns, extracting and enhancing the impact of color and line.

-Jen Stark

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March 22, 2023

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March 22, 2023