Matt DesLauriers - Meridian #615

Meridian #615

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Meridian by Matt Deslaurier is a compact JavaScript program, only 15kb in size, designed to create intricate,  layered landforms through the precise application and layering of numerous small strokes of color. Each token's hash corresponds to a coordinate within a multidimensional generative space, determining a distinct composition that exists along various longitudes. The algorithm includes small threads of code used in DesLaurier’s previous Art Blocks project, Subscapes. This minor incorporation of overlapping scripts allows for Meridian and Subscapes to garner familiarity while both being distinctive, all adding to DesLaurier’s identifiable style. Through the help of community curation, a special Meridian book was produced through Vetro Editions, showcasing a wide-array of the systems outputs, intricacies, technical breakdowns, and more. Meridian #938 displays the explosive colors within the “Prismatic” trait of the series, creating a vibrant mountain range of layered palettes.


Stratified landforms constructed from many small strokes of colour. The hash of each token describes a coordinate within a multidimensional generative space, locating a unique composition that lies along one of many possible longitudes.


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September 28, 2021

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June 19, 2024