John Provencher - Maps #16

Maps #16

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A Map is a score for a new world...

Maps is a generative script stored on the blockchain. Each mint generates a unique svg using a seed hash.

The initial inspiration for Maps was the idea that graphic notation can create a variety of different outputs for music.

This led to using sprites, a form of graphic notation that gives a sense of how things move without being animated, as the layout to explore each world.

Each Map uses variable colors and patterns to generate different environments. By mixing 10 different elements, new biomes are named ( i.e. scorched forest, dune ocean, etc… )

These environmental elements are represented by color ( HSL ). different base and accent environments were picked to be mixed and matched freely.

Maybe an NFT can be an instruction for something non-digital, too… The different colors are also matched with pantone chips so that each SVG can be easily printed.

The method for generating the pattern is called dithering, which is both inherently as much a digital process ( i.e. bitmapping ) as it is a physical one ( i.e. halftone ). The script uses a modified Floyd–Steinberg dither algorithm to approximate the light between each pixel and create unique patterns.


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Date of Mint

February 6, 2022

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June 13, 2024