Emily Xie - Generative Patchwork and Bullseye by Emily Xie #57/100

Generative Patchwork and Bullseye by Emily Xie #57/100

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Generative Patchwork and Bullseye is part of Remembrance of Things Future, a LACMA and Cactoid Labs initiative that engages artists working on the blockchain to reimagine the museum's encyclopedic collection.

Building on the museum's ongoing experimentations with art and technology, LACMA and Cactoid Labs invited pioneering digital artists to select objects from the museum's holdings and create new digital editions inspired by a diverse selection of artworks. This work was inspired by the Bullseye quilt from 1896 by Martha Lou Jones in the LACMA Collection. I was fascinated by how the overriding rigid geometry of the piece was challenged by its hand-made, imperfect feel. I loved how the colors of the rings look randomized yet cohesive.

This inherent tension in quilting between the human and the computational represents so much of what generative art is all about.

-Emily Xie

Edition of 100


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March 22, 2023

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March 22, 2023