Lars Wander - FULL_SPECTRUM #10


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FULL_SPECTRUM by Lars Wander is an exceptional generative series exploring and reimagining color theory to create stunning compositions full of diverse palettes. Each piece starts with an array of spheres that acts as a refractive element for the beam of light that is shot through the piece to create a full spectrum of potential colors. Through this process, Lars avoids using any of the generic color systems such as RGB, HSL, or HSV to define outputs, rather creating an entirely novel color generation method through light wavelengths within his procedural system. Lars uses the computer as a lens for users to catch a unique and unseen glimpse into the digital realm. Initially inspired by the way light is refracted through a glass of water, Lars meticulously worked to simulate this process through code. The collection was released and exhibited during Bright Moments Tokyo at the historic Old Asakura House.


FULL_SPECTRUM simulates, and traces the full visible spectrum every time it runs. The colors you see are a result of which wavelengths found a path to the LIGHT.

Press `v` to toggle a debug panel.


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May 5, 2023

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May 5, 2023