Matt DesLauriers - FOLIO #98


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FOLIO is generative series by Matt DesLauriers, traversing his own take on visual poetry using JavaScript code as an exploration of text, typography, and language. DesLauriers points towards Frederick Hammersley’s iconic piece, The Computer Drawings, as inspiration to work with typographic constraints of ASCII systems. Each variation of the series is only made up of two or three color layers, letting the ASCII glyphs generate the composition structure and detail. The project debuted at Bright Moments London gallery where minters experienced an immersive process of discovering their piece through a 1980s computer.


FOLIO is a generative drawing system, inspired by concrete poetry and early computer artwork, that emits an output process for a given input. Each output may be realized digitally, in print, or through another medium. The drawing system, coded in JavaScript, recursively packs bins of data to fill the page, constrained entirely by the use of typographic glyphs and a limited mono-, duo-, or tri-colour palette.


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July 17, 2022

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March 20, 2023