Jared Tarbell - Environment #14

Environment #14

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“Environment” is a series of 13 short performances in small multiples capturing the interplay between the artist and his system. We enter the work through a static surface encrusted with primordial barnacle-like corpuscles. The building blocks slowly come to life as the camera pans back revealing alternative ecosystems. Particles coalesce and disperse under the influence of masterfully programmed forces. According to Tarbell, variations of the system were created in Processing “through an assortment of bitmap assets to represent the nodes and modifications to the flux and warp of the noise field.” The result is a series of stunning environments that range from effervescent and oceanic to celestial and cosmic in feeling. The work is sublime and poetic, and it reflects a lifetime spent mastering computer science and reflecting on nature by emulating its majesty through systems of the artist’s own design.

This work is a programmed system and the video artifact was a capture of live interaction by the artist. The collectors will receive the interactive software as part of the acquisition. The music in this piece is “Echoing the Love Words I've Heard From Above" by Tonepoet & Wings of an Angel.


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January 20, 2022

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March 22, 2023