Bjørn Staal - Entangled #199

Entangled #199

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Entangled is a cross-chain, generative art project developed as a series of particle simulations that interact with each other in various ways across separate blockchains and browser windows. Inspired by the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, this project aims to connect two, often separate, parts of the generative art community by directly linking them together.

Entangled features two distinct on-chain NFT collections residing on the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. These collections are connected through shared interactions in real-time, using cross-chain and local storage technologies to enable a system whereby particles in separate browser instances respond to and mirror each other.

The series consist of a total of 512 unique editions (256 on each blockchain) that are randomly paired with a corresponding iteration on the other. When two or more instances are opened in separate browser windows they will start to interact in different ways depending on whether they are paired or not, or if an entangled pair is owned by the same collector.


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June 20, 2024

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June 20, 2024