LIA - drawing machine x4 #40

drawing machine x4 #40

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Drawing Machine x4 is a series of 100 generated artworks released as part of the NfTNeTArT exhibition in collaboration with Panke Gallery and Office Impart. The exhibition brought together nine international artists displaying a range of generative and computational systems including Harm van den Dorpel, Kim Asendorf, Cornelia Sollfrank, Sarah Friend, and others. The algorithm used to generate the 100 images is a variation of Lia’s previous script used to create the cover for Vitor Joaquim’s album, A Rose is a Rose. Lia further iterates on the system to create new emergent compositions where each element creates an interplay between the evolving dynamic motions. The outputs created produce an aesthetically intricate mix of detailed organic patterns, noise, and glitch.


The code behind the “drawing machine” series dates back to 2004, and was originally developed to create design elements for the cover of Portuguese musician Vitor Joaquim’s album “A Rose is a Rose”. For “drawing machine x4” LIA has further iterated the code, modifying it to such an extent that the visual outputs that it now produces bear scarce resemblance to those from the original version. The underlying mechanism, however, remains the same: elements are pulled around the canvas by invisible leads, tracing complex patterns that form in the interaction between each element’s internal and external motion.


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February 12, 2023

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February 12, 2023