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Casey Reas, under the pseudonym "Caesuras,” has minted nine separate mesmerizing generative series. These artworks are derived from a generative system he initially developed during a collaborative project known as Anarchic Artificial Intelligence. Anarchic Artificial Intelligence originated as a musical project from Mouse on Mars, the Berlin-based duo of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma. Reas’s generative visuals would act as the basis for the album cover art and Anarchic AI website. Demanding you to zoom in, the pieces consist of densely layered hatched squares composed of gradient lines. The overlapping squares vary enormously in size and color, appearing woven together. This creates a rich, digital tapestry that requires attention to every minute detail. CSRSNT-DAAI is the only series that consists of a software system instead of one static output. Users can explore the four curated images of each CSRSNT-DAAI by zooming into the detailed depths of intricate geometric shapes that construct the expansive digital landscape. Additionally, each CSRSNT-DAAI is built upon the CSRSNT-CAAI image of the same edition number.


Set of four color images

4320 × 4320 pixels, each


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View full artist and collector rights in the included text file “artist-collector-rights.txt”

Each CSRSNT-DAAI is a series of four curated images. The images are a set that must remain together. Each CSRSNT-DAAI is built from the CSRSNT-CAAI image of the same number.

The images are PNG files that can be displayed outside of this lightweight image-viewer code. This code allows the viewer to explore the images at different resolutions.


Click or touch to see a random image location and release to return to the default view


1 — Load first image
2 — Load second image
3 — Load third image
4 — Load fourth image

a — Fit to screen, square
s — Fit to the screen, longest edge
d — Random crop, smooth transition
f — Random crop, jump
g — Full screen
Spacebar — Random crop, one each minute

+ — Zoom in
- — Zoom out
0 — Zoom to 100% and center

Up arrow — Move up
Down arrow — Move down
Left arrow — Move left
Right arrow — Move right


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Date of Mint

July 2, 2022

Date of Acquisition

May 28, 2023