Melissa Wiederrecht - Cosmic Rays #130

Cosmic Rays #130

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Cosmic Rays is a generative series of 916 editions that explores the ways in which algorithmic brush strokes can blend compositions to create colorful gradients. Wiederrecht, inspired by her traditional art background, is drawn to dichotomy and contrast: order vs. chaos, light vs. dark, and intention vs. randomness. Each output is full of layers of texture with beautiful nuances and details. During the release on Verse, collectors were allowed to explore the system endlessly to curate their own personal favorite outputs to mint.


This is an entirely generative piece that was created using p5.js and GLSL. Each iteration is an artist's rendition of what could possibly have been happening in some random corner of the universe while it was being formed.


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Date of Mint

February 10, 2023

Date of Acquisition

July 25, 2023