IX Shells - Ahead of Time by Ix Shells #57/100

Ahead of Time by Ix Shells #57/100

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Ahead of Time is part of Remembrance of Things Future, a LACMA and Cactoid Labs initiative that engages artists working on the blockchain to reimagine the museum's encyclopedic collection.

Building on the museum's ongoing experimentations with art and technology, LACMA and Cactoid Labs invited pioneering digital artists to select objects from the museum's holdings and create new digital editions inspired by a diverse selection of artworks.

I was inspired by an early photograph of a botanical image from 1851 in the collection of LACMA. In my own practice, I have a strong dialogue between nature and its juxtaposition to the inorganic digital realm where my creations live.  Within the structures that underpin my work Ahead of Time you will see the resonances of the botanical branch featured in the historic photograph.

-Ix Shells

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March 22, 2023

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March 22, 2023