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Upward Spiral 🔵

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When I am being asked why I draw these spirals, I'm often having difficulties expressing the motivation behind that habit. These spirals represent the trajectory of my life. This series alludes to the living being's awareness of life and its impulses. All of these drawings were created during the pandemic of covid 19 and related to the lockdown in Berlin. Like never before, we all re-discover depression and the dark sides of erratic compulsion, self-destruction, and sabotage. The emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing can be on a trajectory to be nurturing and enabling, on a positive trajectory. It is all about movement, recommencement, and guidance. The current situation can also be a catalyst for reaching your goals and developing towards a constructive style of correspondence. Through my work, I want to offer a talisman to remember where your life is going. A spiritual and emotional reminder. Each drawing from this series is unique.


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March 6, 2021

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February 5, 2024