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UK-Channel Islands-7

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Cable is a collection of 545 ‘on-chain’ pieces by Joan Heemskerk released through Folia. Each piece uniquely represents one section of the Submarine Cable System which delivers 95% of all international internet traffic. Each subsea cable is expressed as a vector animation (.SVG), fully hosted and rendered on Ethereum. A forceful, jagged stroke propels data along the pathways of the cable. Despite the programmed animations being intended to move in a single direction, viewer’s graphics cards encounter stumbling moments, resulting in a serrated vibration effect. A web-app was developed for collectors to explore the complete cable system.


The world's Submarine Cable System, expressed as 545 on-chain, .SVG-animations by artist Joan Heemskerk (JODI) ~ presented by folia.


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January 25, 2023

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February 12, 2024