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Trust Exercise is a generative, two-channel installation focusing on beauty, labor, and the relationship between audience and celebrity on the internet. Situated in the context of a “get ready with me” makeup tutorial, the piece features excerpts from both the transcripts and comments on Vogue’s entire “Beauty Secrets” YouTube series catalog. The installation mimics the arrangement of YouTube’s interface, exposing the parasocial dynamic that emerges between viewers and the featured star. It leaves its audience to reckon with this new form of advertisement. A heartfelt scene of intimacy, always appended with a delicate nudge: Peek between the video frame and comment section to “shop this beauty routine below.”

Two-channel custom generative software (color, silent)
JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Dimensions variable
Edition of 1, 1 AP

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Date of Mint

March 1, 2023

Date of Acquisition

March 8, 2023