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trāma #47

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trāma is part of the interactive minting experience at NFT Show Europe, Valencia, 2023.


trāma is a project in continuity with a wider body of work exploring the subject of computers as a source of aesthetic phenomena.

Beyond being utilitarian machines, is it possible to have such devices not only as mediators between representational content and humans, but also as aesthetic manifestations that connect to our senses?

The low visual resolution, the motion, and the timing of the work are informed by early computer graphics, mechanical displays and the rawness that older computational systems tend to carry.

trāma features a generative system, conducted through realtime custom software that runs in the browser.


press [p] = pause the animationpress
[s] = save a screenshotpress
[g] = generate gif


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Date of Mint

July 14, 2023

Date of Acquisition

July 14, 2023