Jeres - Torrent #104

Torrent #104

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Torrent is about being washed away but not lost.

Inspired by residual evidence of torrential downpours, floods and derailed rivers as well as thrown paint and ink, cathartically applied for the purpose of merely having watched it land, streak, smear and drip; just to leave a mark.

Textures of fabric, concrete, paper and marble fused by a tempest... now desiccated and faded, bleached and marred by debris washed on after exposing moments of life. Moments lost; etched incomplete into the landscape.

A nostalgic and possibly misguided love song fusing frantic rhythmic action, erosion and history in a way only time can compose after the violence has long ceased and we are left to excavate the damage and beauty of what can't be harnessed, only experienced or interpreted after the fact, even if any resulting conclusions are fictions filled with contradiction.

Less about truth, more about just having a story that we believe makes sense of it all. Rarely are things black and white.

Torrent is about coming to terms with the past so we can understand the present and navigate the future. In a sense, we're talking about trauma processing, the imperfection of memory and how history changes with time and reflection.

Torrent was created using p5js and a shader. Make sure your GPU is enabled.

Key Commands:
S : Save the current frame as a png
P : Play/Pause animation
A : Advance a frame
Z : Go back a frame
F : Speed up animation
D : Slow down animation

URL Parameters:
?fullscreen=true : Fill entire window
?animated=true : Animate by default
?width=x : Render image with x width (read notes below)
?print=true : Use with "width" to render larger than 5000px wide
?frame=x : Start at frame x
?speed=x : Start at speed x, default is 10, 1 is fastest, higher numbers are slower

See display notes or website for more discussion on rendering high resolution images for printing.


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September 6, 2023

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December 18, 2023