Geoff Davis - TIME SPECTRUM #1


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NOW use OPEN to PLAY with this interactive art. Press spacebar and it will stop while you check out the control options. Refresh to PLAY more.
This mesmerising and pleasing art is based on a 1984 generative work by Geoff Davis of Micro (computer) Arts Group. It builds an image with layers, almost like a traditional painter applying paint to a canvas, which is then processed.
The animation has speed control, including pause, and color controls which can be applied as the work is being created, and after it has been minted. This means one NFT defining the color and shapes, can create a huge range of art images. Even dark spooky images appear from the cheery hues of the innocent. Videos of this are on the microartsgroup website, or OPEN then PLAY here.
Variations will show art of 7 different spectra and 1 full colour. The colors overlay in patterns so there are few pure hues. Color is a human psychological effect.
The pale hues at the beginning are a colour field to rest your eyes, to “cleanse the palate”, before mellow soothing shapes appear. Yellow, often linked to the brightness of sunshine and the beauty of flowers, carries these positive associations even when in its pastel form. In the realm of color psychology, yellow is believed to be an invigorating hue that fosters a sense of optimism.
Stare at the art and use a slow pace to relax. Have a rest from the rush and chaos.

OPEN the image to test these. Press 1 immediately and it slows down. Default speed is 4 fps.

This works before and mint, so you can experiment now.
Spacebar stop draw/restart toggle.

1 very slow 1frame per second
2 slow 2fps
3 steady 4 fps
4 speedy 6 fps
5 racing 8 fps
6 very fast 16
7 top speed 48

COLOR CONTROLS (works on draw process)
8 Invert (makes dark)
9 Grayscale
0 Black and white

Color controls work on the ongoing draw process, so you can mix up Inverted and Gray draws. Invert toggles, Grayscale and B&W changes what is already drawn, then the color mode returns.
If you do Greyscale, then Invert to switch the light and dark areas. B&W creates a different effect altogether.
PLAY with the image. Refresh to make more images.

TIME is the animation control over speed and pause (time never goes backwards) and SPECTRUM as rainbow colours are used.
Interactive art as it is the colours that are changed, rather than interaction as gaming or finger twitching fidget spinning.
Geoff Davis was involved with the London Film-Makers Co-op and London Video Arts before he started making generative art and text in 1984. He is an AI researcher, mainly in text, and is editor of the AI Creative Writing Anthology which has a second edition out in February 2024.
The images can also be inverted (reverse colour) at any point in the art build process, which is shown in the animation (online soon).
Expanded Art Berlin gave an exhibition of his work in December 2023, sponsored by fxhash as part of the 2.0 launch. This included abstract work from his teenage years as well as the 1980s and modern work.


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January 17, 2024

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January 17, 2024