Sofia Crespo - Time after vessels #6

Time after vessels #6

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There’s an ephemeral nature to diving: we can only capture one experience at a time: the synchronicity of all the elements, conditions, and creatures that together create that specific moment. With this series, I wanted to recreate that aspect of randomness and presence encountered when photographing underwater. Each photograph is perfect in its own way, despite imperfections, as it serves as a snapshot or testimony of an instant.

Whilst underwater there is a rush to visually absorb and remember each texture as future inspiration, to make the most, before returning to the safety of terrestrial life. I often spend hours after a dive reflecting on the visual patterns I encountered, attempting to comprehend the colours and textures that exist at various aquatic depths, my brain in turn creating an amalgam of these. These amalgam memories were articulated through custom algorithms and self-trained GANs, live generating in-browser a fragment of an irreplaceable moment.


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May 6, 2023

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May 6, 2023